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  3. thebrotherhood-rp:

Bella and Zsadist


    Bella and Zsadist

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My baby girl




    My baby girl

  7. Vishous: Trip into the woods


    Throe was at the mansion after being taken by the Brotherhood, he was strapped to a bed but the bastard got out. He climb through the air vents ermerging in the locker rooms, he sees a gun taking it. Walking out of the locker Throe comes face to face with Bella and Nalla. He takes nalla, Bella…

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  8. thebrotherhood: Questions from the Interviewer


    Name :Phury son of Aghony

    Age :230

    Brotherhood: joined in 1932 and now am the Primale of the Race (thanks V for not talking me out of that one)

    Height : 6’6”

    Hair Color : Multicolored (blond, red, black, and brown)

    Eye Color : Citrine yellow

    Identifying Physical Marks :I am missing a…

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  9. thebrotherhood: Questions by the interviewer


    Name : Vishous, Son of the Bloodletter

    Age : 304

    Brotherhood : 1739

    Height : 6’6”

    Hair Color : black

    Eye Color : White with navy blue rims


    Physical Marks : Tattoos on side of face, hand and groin area, JANE carved in my back in the old Language

    Weapon of choice : My right Hand

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